Catalog 2022/2023

Empty storage solutions12
S7 toolbox14
S8 toolbox15
S9 toolbox16
S9 VAS toolbox17
S10 toolbox18
S10 windshield toolbox19
S11 toolbox20
S12 toolbox21
S12 XD toolbox22
S12 VAS toolbox23
S13 toolbox24
S14 toolbox25
S15 toolbox26
Holder for S9, S12, S12XD27
Service carts29
Modular Storage System plus (MSS+)32
Modular Storage System (MSS)44
Toolbox spare parts56
Filled storage solutions66
S7 toolbox69
S8 toolbox70
S9 toolbox72
S10 toolbox73
S11 toolbox86
S12 toolbox86
S12XD toolbox92
S12 VAS toolbox103
S13 toolbox96
S14 toolbox89
S15 toolbox90
Tool bag108
Service topbox110
Portable toolbox111
Sonic Foam System (SFS)118
Small drawer foam system 190 x 370mm122
Medium drawer foam system 570 x 370mm131
Large drawer foam system 745 x 435mm149
Extra Large drawer foam system 745 x 570mm120
Blow Mould Case Storage (BMCS)164
BMCS 1/4"167
BMCS 3/8"168
BMCS 1/2"170
BMCS empty176
Socket rails178
Sets 1/4"181
Sets 3/8"182
Sets 1/4"+ 3/8"184
Sets 1/2"184
Sets universal185
Special tools194
Pry bars197
Interior removal sets197
Crimping pliers199
Hose line clamps200
Glow plug201
Wheel sockets202
Spiral sockets203
Bolt twister socket sets204
Drain plug key sets205
Alternator sets206
Oil filter sets208
Brake caliper sets210
Heat guns213
Ball joint separators214
Testing and measuring sets217
Puller sets219
Terminal release tool sets220
Tie raps221
Spring compressors229
Cable reels236
Battery chargers253
Timing Tools254
Screwdrivers, PH315
Screwdrivers, PZ315
Screwdrivers, slotted315
Screwdrivers, TX316
Screwdrivers, TX tamperproof316
Hex nut drivers316
Flexible hex nut drivers317
Hex nutt drivers T-handle317
Hex ball point grip key317
TX grip key317
Hammer screwdrivers315
VDE screwdrivers315
Sockets 1/4" 6 pt.321
Sockets 1/4" 12pt.321
Sockets 1/4" SAE322
Sockets 1/4" TX322
Cardan sockets 1/4"322
Sockets 3/8" 6 pt.322
Sockets 3/8" 12 pt.324
Sockets 3/8" SAE324
Sockets 3/8" TX325
Cardan sockets 3/8"325
Glow plug sockets 3/8"326
Sockets 1/2" 6 pt.326
Sockets 1/2" 12pt.327
Sockets 1/2" SAE328
Sockets 1/2" TX329
Cardan sockets 1/2"329
Sockets 3/4" 12 pt.329
Sockets 3/4" SAE330
Sockets 1" 12 pt.330
Wheel sockets 1/2" 6pt.330
Impact sockets 3/8" 6pt.330
Brake caliper socket 1/2"332
Impact sockets 1/2" 6 pt.332
Impact sockets 1/2" 12 pt.333
Impact cardan sockets 1/2" 6 pt.333
Impact sockets 1/2", TX334
Impact sockets 3/4" 6 pt.334
Impact sockets 3/4" 12 pt.335
Impact sockets 3/4" TX335
Impact sockets 1" 6 pt.336
Spark plug sockets 3/8"337
Spark plug sockets 1/2"337
Flare nut wrench342
Flare nut wrench SAE342
Flexible flare nut wrench342
Hinged socket wrench342
Double open wrench343
Double open wrench SAE343
Combination wrench344
Combination wrench SAE344
Reversible ratcheting wrench 12 pt.345
Flexible ratcheting wrench 12 pt.345
Flat ratcheting wrench 12 pt.345
TX ratcheting wrench346
45° ring wrench346
78° ring wrench346
45° ring wrench SAE346
Injection pump wrench347
Double ring wrench347
TX wrench347
Half-moon wrench 347340
Angle wrench347
Adjustable wrench347
Hex and TX keys348
Foldable hex key sets351
Foldable hex key sets SAE351
Hex key sets351
Hex ball key sets351
Hex ball key sets SAE352
Foldable TX key sets352
TX key sets353
TX ball key sets353
Hex key wrench354
TX key wrench355
Pliers, hammers, chisels, files, measuring and cutting tools356
Combination pliers359
Long lose pliers359
Bent long nose pliers359
Diagonal pliers359
VDE pliers359
Stripping pliers360
Waterpump pliers360
Tower pincers360
Snap ring pliers361
Pliers extra long361
Spark plug pliers361
Grip plier362
Hose clamp pliers363
Wheel pliers363
Riveting pliers363
Oil filter pliers363
Pun punch set363
Pin punches364
Center punches363
Triangular scrapers368
Wire brushes369
Feeler gauge369
Measuring tape369
Panel removers370
Magnet pickups372
Pry bars372
Ratchets, extensions, sliding t-handles, universal joints, adaptors374
Ratchets 1/4"377
Ratchets 3/8"377
Ratchets 1/2"377
Ratchets 3/4"379
Ratchet 1"379
Repair sets ratchets377
Swivle handle380
Extensions impact382
Univeral joints382
Universal impact joints382
Impact adaptors383
Bit holders383
Impact bit holders384
Insert holder for bits384
Magnet socket384
Torque wrenches386
Torque wrenches389
Repair set torque wrenches389
Torque wrench sets390
Bit sockets and bits392
Bit sockets 1/4", PH395
Bit sockets 1/4", PZ395
Bit sockets 1/4", slotted395
Bit sockets 1/4", hex395
Bit sockets 1/4", hex SAE395
Bit sockets 1/4", TX395
Bit sockets 1/4", TX tamperproof396
Bit sockets 1/4", TX plus396
Bit sockets 1/4", spline396
Bit sockets 1/4", ribe396
Bit sockets 3/8", PH396
Bit sockets 3/8", PZ396
Bit sockets 3/8", slotted397
Bit sockets 3/8", hex397
Bit sockets 3/8", hex SAE397
Bit sockets 3/8", TX397
Bit sockets 3/8", TX tamperproof398
Bit sockets 3/8", spline398
Bit sockets 3/8", ribe398
Bit sockets 1/2", hex399
Bit sockets 1/2", hex SAE400
Bit sockets 1/2", TX400
Bit sockets 1/2", TX tamperproof400
Bit sockets 1/2", spline400
Bit sockets 1/2", ribe400
Bit sockets 1/2", impact ball joint402
Impact bit sockets 1/2", spline402
Impact bit sockets 1/2", ribe402
Impact bit sockets 3/4", spline402
Bits 1/4", PH402
Bits 1/4", slotted402
Bits 1/4", hex403
Bits 1/4", spline403
Bits 5/16", PH403
Bits 5/16", PZ403
Bits 5/16", slotted403
Bits 5/16", hex403
Bits 5/16", TX404
Bits 5/16", spline404
Bits 10mm, hex404
Bits 10mm, TX404
Bits 10mm, spline404
Promotional items405

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